MP3: The Quantum (@BillCosmiq @QuantumFiles @xSLVDRx) feat. Vordul Mega (Of Cannibal Ox) - Waves

MP3: The Quantum (@BillCosmiq @QuantumFiles @xSLVDRx) feat. Vordul Mega (Of Cannibal Ox) - Waves

In 2013, Bill Cosmiq began working as lead-producer on a number of projects for the IGC (Iron Galaxy Clik) record label (the brainchild of Cannibal Ox's Vast Aire and Vordul Mega); one of those projects he was put in charge of happened to be the sophomore album, 'Blade Of The Ronin', from Cannibal Ox.

For perspective, being helmed to oversee the musical direction of Cannibal Ox's sophomore album was no small task, as their debut, 'The Cold Vein', remains one of the seminal works of the New York hip-hop scene and is regarded as a cult classic amongst hip-hop purists (Pitchfork & Time Magazine included). As the years passed, Vast and Vordul parted ways with El-P and fans waited patiently for the sophomore Cannibal Ox album. Enter Bill Cosmiq...

That same year, Cannibal Ox released their maxi-single entitled, "Gotham", which was premiered by Spin and included three tracks produced by a widely unknown yet remarkably talented producer--Bill Cosmiq. Upon listening to the project's title track, fans were taken aback by how the duo still sounded in its prime (Spin declared "it doesn't sound like a day has passed since 'Vein'").

When Cannibal Ox announced plans for their long-awaited sophomore album, 'Blade Of The Ronin', in early 2015, the elephant in the room was, as Spin so eloquently surmised on their review of the project, "14-years after their igniting debut, the question is if Cannibal Ox could exist without the futuristic production of El-P". Unequivocally, the answer was YES!!! "New Ox benefits well from the changed landscape and Bill Cosmiq's beats run along the lines of 'contemplative orchestral fanfare', with washes of psychedelia and Shaolin-style codespeak -- in other words it's the Wu throwback album that most rap fans wanted the underrated 'A Better Tomorrow' to be" Spin lamented.

Cosmiq is also a member of the NY-based duo, The Quantum (alongside emcee Salvador), who released their debut EP, 'Paragon' (which featured Vast Aire), in 2014. Following The Quantum's feature on track 18 of 'Blade Of The Ronin', "Vision", the group releases a new FreEP, 'Waves', with Vordul Mega assisting on the title track. 'Waves' is the first release from The Quantum in 2016, but they will also be releasing a solo-project from Salvador in February, their full-length group effort this summer and a Bill Cosmiq instrumental album in the fall.