MP3: @Pragmaddix (@Artemis_Diesel @QwykCardino) feat. @SeeShreve The Professor - One Of These Days
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MP3: @Pragmaddix (@Artemis_Diesel @QwykCardino) feat. @SeeShreve The Professor – One Of These Days

With their debut album ‘Solar Panels‘ on deck for an August release, hip-hop duo Pragmaddix is setting off the Summer with high country heavy hitter C.Shreve The Professor. On their new track “One Of These Days“, Qwyk, Diesel, & the FTO founder blend individual styles to vibrate full blown knock-down drag out in your face hip-hop.

Displaying their knack for lyricism, Appalachian State students & their university professor are a refreshing collaboration of different perspectives with a common goal to dominate North Carolina hip-hop now & for years to come. It’s only a matter of time before newcomers Qwyk & Diesel plant their feet in the dirt and begin to grow.

If not today, then certainly…”One Of These Days“. “One Of These Days” is produced by Rakim Ali & mixed by Jeff Thompson.