MP3: Nocando (@MCNocando) feat. @Aceyalone - Renaissance N***a (Remix) [Prod. @ScoopDeVille]
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MP3: Nocando (@MCNocando) feat. @Aceyalone – Renaissance N***a (Remix) [Prod. @ScoopDeVille]

“This song is the embodiment of the attitude of Project Blowed; the local hang out that became my world when I was in my late teens. The chorus “you don’t gotta put me on I’m already on” is very DIY, or just the American way of thinking. I don’t need a company or another brand or another artist to validate me. I’m street certified, and that happened through organic means, I don’t need help, I’ll do it myself – I’ve been doing it myself. So has Scoop as well as My OG Acey. He’s the guy that showed me the indie grind when I was 19, He gave me my 1st rap dollars. Since then I’ve been on.

I did the song one night after Low End Theory. Kind of hazily freestyled it and Scoop sent it to me. I sent it to Acey some months after many moons later after it was collecting dust. I decided that I just gotta let the people hear it. I just gotta gut feeling.” –Nocando