MP3: Nikki Hayes – Sweet

MP3: Nikki Hayes - Sweet

R&B singer/songwriter Nikki Hayes is thrilled to announce her upcoming single Sweet that is scheduled to be released on August 28th, 2020. With success of over 150k streams and a heavy social media engagement, she is proving that she can compete with the serious upcoming artists that are taking over the charts.

Sweet is a dreamy R&B track that compliments Nikki’s soothing vocals, and the somber lyrics truly captures the intended tone. Listening to Sweet, you can hear influences from decades of music such as the smooth 90’s R&B feel and modern singer/songwriter vibes. The lyrics “As I grow in love and I emerge, You just don’t want me to see my worth, You reach lower to bring me to earth, And when it comes for you to do the dirt, I’ll still be sweet” portrays a hopeless love with someone that will not accept it, instead they just attempt to drive the positive feelings into the ground.

Nikki comes from a heavy musical background. With her sisters being members of Walt Whitman and The Soul Children of Chicago, she has been inspired on perfecting her music career from the young age of six years old. She was denied multiple times from the group, but with persistence and practice, she was able to be accepted into the group at the age of nine.

Later down the road, industry producers began to take notice and in 2010 Nikki recorded her first solo project. In 2013, she landed a final five spot in the “Who’s Next? Worldwide Online Talent Search” sponsored by six-time Grammy Award winning producer; engineer; vocal producer and songwriter Kuk Harrell (Rihanna; Justin Bieber; Cher; Eminem; Beyoncé, and others). Since then, Nikki has recorded with Grammy Award winning artist Malik Yusef (G.O.O.D. Music); Tour keyboardist to the stars Marcus Kincy (Camila Cabello; Mary J. Blige, P. Diddy; Nick Jonas); and others.

In addition to Sweet, check out Nikki’s other tracks on Spotify and follow her on social media for the latest music updates.

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