MP3: Niah Faye – Entertainer

MP3: Niah Faye - Entertainer

California artist Niah Faye debuts a New Year anthem titled "Entertainer".

Niah Faye's new single, "Entertainer", is a song of power and spunk that will simultaneously put you in your feels and lift you out of your seat.

"Love songs don't have to be sad songs. 'Entertainer' is proof that you can turn up while you're in your feels!" says Faye.

Keep your eyes peeled for the lyric video, a short dance collab video with award-winning dancer Henry Frank (which are both available now via all major digital streaming platforms), and eventually, a music video.

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About Niah Faye:
Niah Faye is a 20-year-old female artist from Stockton, California that currently resides in Los Angeles. Her identity as an Afro Latina has given her music the soul and edge that it has today. Her style has been pegged as a fusion of pop and R&B with some of her biggest inspirations being Jhene Aiko, Summer Walker, Daniel Caesar, Doja Cat, and IV Jay. Music is a form of healing Faye has taken comfort in, particularly in response to her romantic relationships. Given that many of her songs revolve around her love life, the messages will vary from admitting her wrongs, to exposing the wrongs of others, and putting people in their place when it comes to treating her how she deserves. Niah Faye hopes to use her platform to contribute to the normalization of there being strength in vulnerability.

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