MP3: New Track 'Black Rage (Sketch)' By Lauryn Hill (@MsLaurynHill)

MP3: New Track 'Black Rage (Sketch)' By Lauryn Hill (@MsLaurynHill)

Lauryn Hill has dedicated her latest release to the city of Ferguson, MO, where protesters railing against the shooting death of Michael Brown have been clashing with police and local authorities in a fight for justice.

The song, "Black Rage (Sketch)," is set to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music.

"Black rage is founded on two-thirds a person / Rapings and beatings and suffering that worsens / Black human packages tied up with strings / Black rage can come from all these kinds of things / Black rage is founded on blatant denial / Squeezed economics, subsistence survival / Deafening silence and social control / Black rage is founded on wounds in the soul."

That's how the song begins.

Listen below:

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