MP3: @NeMissChiYork – Ruler (Of My Destiny)

NeMiss ChiYork - Ruler (Of My Destiny) [Track Artwork]

With an all-star supporting cast to back her up, NeMiss ChiYork proves that she’s a force to be reckoned with. The strong-minded Chicagoan has taken on the Big Apple, in a move that was inspired by her dreams of creating timeless music appreciated by the masses. On “Ruler,” NeMiss raps about ruling one’s destiny – we are responsible for our own – and how there are many ways to do so, but we must choose one. And she does so with her genetic lyrical prowess – and soulful harmonizing.

About NeMiss ChiYork:
Ebony M. – known by her music alias – NeMiss ChiYork, is a rapper/vocalist from the Southside of Chicago. Inherently, she was raised in a city whose heart and soul was heard through the music its people created. Eventually, she’d start to create her own; writing and recording music that reflected her truth. While the pride she had for her home city was unmatched, in 2010, NeMiss decided to take her talents, and ambitions to the Big Apple. The young artist carried the soulful sounds of her city over into the rawness of New York’s soundscape, and created her own style.

In addition to finding herself as a music artist, NeMiss also took on music journalism as she began writing articles & conducting interviews for websites like AllHipHop & JumpOffTV – which gave her a taste of both ends of the industry spectrum. On the music side of things, NeMiss received praise for her music when Centric TV took notice of her “Paint a Picture” single with DJ Spinna. She was also able to showcase her talents to an international crowd at La Machine Moulin Rouge in Paris in 2014.

Earlier this year, NeMiss made an appearance on HuffPostLive’s “BARS live streamed, cipher/freestyle series as well.

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