MP3: Neka & Kahlo (@Neka_Kahlo) feat. HANiF & Illmaculate (@TheRealHANiF @Illmaculate) – Runaways Part II

MP3: Neka & Kahlo (@Neka_Kahlo) feat. HANiF & Illmaculate (@TheRealHANiF @Illmaculate) - Runaways Part II

Multi-talented producer/vocalist Neka “Fugitive Girl” Perini offers up a sinister, trap-infused anthem with a wildly infectious hook. Sonically, the track echoes some of the dark anxiety of an Eminem & Rihanna collabo but the production sets itself apart by cultivating a decidedly more uncompromising tone for the verses that follow.

About Neka & Kahlo:
Neka & Kahlo first made waves in 2014 with their debut hip-hop single “Alchemistress“, which appeared on BuzzFeed. The track “… burst the genre apart at the seams, bringing rock, pop, and electronic dance music into something that I don’t think Portland has ever quite heard before [Portland Mercury]“.

The duo view their differences as a source of inter-sectional power. They see music in technicolor – fashioning drums, high hats, & baselines which they wear with pride. They favor nutrient dense lyrics, well seasoned with emotion & bravado.

What you hear is a garden of fragrant possibility – a form of self expression that defies the senses and subverts identity constructs. As the pair put it, “We pray to the god/dess of many faces.”