MP3: Napri feat. T.R.3 – Bait Job

MP3: Napri feat. T.R.3 - Bait Job

Los Angeles-based producer Napri shares his new single, "Bait Job", featuring Atlanta-based artist T.R.3.

Following the release of his 12-song album, two singles, and a placement on "NBA 2K21"; Napri, an Los Angeles-based producer very much shrouded in mystery, is jumping back into the scene with his new single–"Bait Job"–a somber yet uplifting boom bap track with hard-hitting rhymes and flows supplied by Atlanta-based artist T.R.3.

Reminiscent of the classic hip hop sound, Napri adds his futuristic approach of blending the old with the new, creating a style uniquely his.

Listening to "Bait Job" is like walking directly into the instrumental mind of Napri, while at the same time gaining an up close and personal view of the introspective intellect of T.R.3.

Staying true to the mystery he shrouds himself in, there are whispers of a new album from Napri, but for now, enjoy the latest…"Bait Job".

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Napri's "Bait Job" single is available now to stream and cop via all major digital service providers