MP3: Milwaukee Monstaz (@TaiyamoDenku @MaximusDaMantis) feat. Hell Razah (@Razah_Rubiez) – Shackled

Milwaukee Monstaz - Shackled [Track Artwork]

New World Order…

Another strike on politics & how fucked up the world is. Definitely a niche that Milwaukee Monstaz member Taiyamo Denku & Maximus Da Mantis seem to touch on very clear.

This time, they brought the Sunz Of Man member Hell Razah with them on this journey that lets us know that we continue to be "Shackled" by the ways of the world & the ways of the government.

Dcypha lays the eerie takeover style Boom Bap beat. The Australian producer really had a vision for this track that was sitting in the CyphaDen vaults.