MP3: The Mighty Capeech (@TheMightyCap) – Praise Tha Lord

The Mighty Capeech - Praise Tha Lord [Track Artwork]

The late great Guru of the legendary group Gangstarr once said “the ? remains” and that question today is what happened to hip hop. In an era where rappers no longer write their own material & “mumble” rap has replaced lyricism; a feeling of anxiety has many fans disgusted & frustrated with the current state.

Meet The Mighty Capeech, an emcee breathing life back into hip hop as she fights on a respirator. On “Praise The Lord”, Capeech defines everything mc’s should stand for… clever rhymes with Mike Tyson knockout punchlines grabbing listeners ears. The beat delivers with smooth soul harmonizing backed by horns & a nice violin assisting Capeech for the ride. TMC (The Mighty Capeech) is the rapper needed today.