MP3: @MickeyFactz: Reality Real (Prod. by @LoveAt1stSound)

MP3: @MickeyFactz: Reality Real (Prod. by @LoveAt1stSound)

Mickey Factz, one of the best out in my opinion, has decided to hang it up. Here is what he said in regards to how he is feeling

Curtain calls are never easy. But for me its long overdue. Because of broken promises and bad decisions by me and others, I will be not be creating music anymore. I want to thank everyone who has supported me but I feel its time to move on. Please support my producer LoveAtFirstSound. He has been trying to get on blogs for awhile and you guys have apparently been igging him. Lol. The game has changed and I don’t have the strength to deal anymore. One love to all those who care and who don’t. In January, I will be releasing The Achievement to those who purchased it and giving an Anthology to everyone of everything I’ve ever done. I hope it is accepted with open arms. Farewell.

This is crazy to think of someone who can really create good music can hang it all up. But we all must pay our respect to the numerous amounts of music Factz has put out. Everything he has done has affected me in some type of way. Best of luck to you Factz. Know that I got much love for everything you do. May the journey roll smooth from here on out.

Here’s the record he released below. Shoutouts to Love At First Sound, who produced this beat.

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