MP3: Marco Pavé (@KingOfMarco) – Black Tux

MP3: Marco Pavé (@KingOfMarco) - Black Tux

Black Tux” is the first single off Memphis native Marco Pavé’s new EP ‘Perception‘. The powerful record is a soulful banger that captures and interweaves both personal & political frustrations. Produced by long-time collaborator & artist Kenny Wayne, the song features Wayne’s signature twist on classic 70s soul, sampling Curtis Mayfield’sWe The People Who Are Darker Than Blue”.

On it, the struggles of the artist to live out his dream run parallel to the collective frustration of communities of color, and Black communities in particular, over inequality. “Black Tux” gets philosophical, pondering over how the recent spate of high profile murders of Black people by police makes clear how little value Black lives have in our society—even less than the cloth of a garment, Pavé argues.

The fusion of Marco’s powerful lyrics & the commanding horns make for one impactful first impression.

Notable Spits:

“Please understand the basic, this black tux costs cheaper at Macy’s/Put us in the basement deeper than Anne Frank/Seek to keep us down but this crown??? There’s no erasing”

Extra Info:
Following in the footsteps of legendary Hip Hop artists such as Killer Mike & 9th Wonder, Marco has taken Hip Hop to college campuses nationwide. Lecturing at major colleges & universities, including UCLA, University of Cincinnati, Rhodes College, & University of Memphis. Marco was selected for the Inaugural Ted x Memphis event. How many Hip Hop artists you know that have done Ted Talks???

**UPDATE** You can now give Marco Pavé’s TED Talks lecture a watch below…