MP3: Manny Loko (@SBPSLoko) – D.4.T.C.

Manny Loko - Down 4 The Count [Track Artwork]

23 year-old lyricist & super producer Manny Loko, of the collective SBP$, presents “Down 4 The Count“. A “Street Fighter“-based song that’s filled with heavy punchlines & witty wordplay/bar flips.

MP3: Manny Loko (@SBPSLoko) - D.4.T.C.

If you’re a fan of that core hip hop feel, then this song is definitely one you want to listen to each thing that’s being said through & through.

MP3: Manny Loko (@SBPSLoko) - D.4.T.C.

This 23 year-old lyricist, based out of NC, is someone to not be taken lightly & you’re about see exactly why…Enjoy!!!