MP3: Mandy Groves – That Bad

MP3: Mandy Groves - That Bad

On Friday (4.19.2019), Mandy Groves returned with “That Bad”–the first single from her upcoming project BLAME (EP). A true triple threat, Mandy is well-known in Colorado as a dancer, singer, and commercial actress. As an actress her credits include Denver Zoo, Colorado Lottery, Bank of Colorado, Coors Light, Dunkin’ Donuts, Dollar General, Mars Wrigley, and more.

This EP was an experience AND an experiment,” she said. “I worked with ALL new people in a whirlwind of a situation and I’m in awe of what we accomplished in such a short time.”

MP3: Mandy Groves - That Bad

Surprisingly, BLAME was written, produced, and recorded over the course of a very short month as quick inspiration prompted another project. “Once I made the call to start creating this EP, it was immediately crunch time from get-go. We only had a month to create this all from scratch.”

That Bad” was written entirely as a freestyle that she originally recorded in the car on an iPad while she drove home from a meeting. “When I played it back, I was like,’I’m giving my own self advice!’ It was such a direct line to my subconscious and served as a warning sign for me to work on my relationships with the ones I love rather than shut down during such a straining time in my life.”

That Bad” is also available to stream & cop on all digital platforms as well as on her BLAME EP on 5.1.2019!