MP3: @MaffewRagazino – Summer Nine Five

MP3: @MaffewRagazino - Summer Nine Five 1

Summer’s here!!! Break out your deadstock kicks, selfie sticks, all white clothes, & of course your new playlists…Maffew Ragazino is back just in time!!!

Eight Million Stories‘ Tracklisting:

  1. Dress Code featuring Fev [produced by Duke Simms of Shinobi Ninja]
  2. Better Recognize featuring Roc Marciano [produced by Frank the Butcher & Paul Mighty]
  3. FBG$ [produced by Ecks]
  4. Summer Nine Five [produced by Jimmy Dukes]
  5. Me x Earl & Cornbread [produced by Quincy Tones]
  6. Motherless Child [produced by Ecks]
  7. Invidia Boyce [produced by Nickels F]
  8. Eight Million Stories featuring Willie The Kid [produced by AP]
  9. **Bonus** Dress Code (Tommy vs Ralph) featuring Thirstin Howl The 3rd

Maffew Ragazino: 'Eight Million Stories' [Album Tracklisting]

Here’s a cut fresh off the tracklisting for you to enjoy:

The project is set to release July 1st, just shy of Maffew’s trip to the “I LOVE HIP HOP FESTIVAL 2015” in Amsterdam, where he will be representing, not only for the city but the U.S.

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