MP3: Lyric Jones – Clock Tick

MP3: Lyric Jones - Clock Tick

In the midst of these trying times, we all have been trying to process death & loss the best we can.

The multifaceted emcee, singer & producer taps into her inner thoughts about mortality and time with "Clock Tick" produced by Cas 1 out of Pomona, CA.

Lyric Jones accompanies this surprise single with a relatable behind the scenes into the day of the recording session. The video captures the writing process just minutes after hearing of the passing of Kobe Bryant.

"We all kind of have been acting and moving like tomorrow is promised. Truth is, we don't know. I've been questioning my own mortality a lot lately. I wrote this the morning Kobe was killed, and was pretty shaken up. With everything happening now?….with 2020 literally erasing people of the sentiments that day still scream loud in my thoughts often. Needed to just get this out…." –Lyric Jones