MP3: ‘Like This’ By Bronzon (@BronzonMusic)

MP3: 'Like This' By Bronzon (@BronzonMusic)

Bronzon does away with a traditional hook on his latest single. Instead, a couplet suffices to punctuate his ruminations. An inquiry answered with the same phrase in which it was asked—“Like This”—emerges from the background as Bronzon completes his narrative turns & executes his lyrical tasks. The natural competitor that he is, Bronzon acknowledges adversity & boldly proclaims his ambitions immediately after.

Notable Spits:

“These lyrics forever rock/I’m here, I set up shop/I had a dream and I’m married to it/like Coretta Scott.”

Approximately three minutes into the song, this instrumental requires a synthesizer to resolve the ongoing battle between the hard bass drum & sweet piano melody that rocks every four bars. By the time the beat stubbornly agrees to dissipate, Bronzon has offered profound insight into the mundane circumstances of his life: an unshakeable commitment to his daughter, rectifying driving nuisances, & bursting through the locked doors of the music industry. If anyone has any doubt about what persistence looks like, it looks “LIKE THIS“.

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