MP3: Kaydee (@KaydeeBKS) - AmeriKKKa's Baby
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MP3: Kaydee (@KaydeeBKS) – AmeriKKKa’s Baby

“It is time for me to unveil my newest record titled “AmeriKKKa’s Baby“. The concept behind the record, especially for me, is very important.

Even though the US is a different country, the same issues that plagues African Americans are the same issues us Black males coming from Toronto face as well. The prejudice, the injustice, the police brutality are just some of the problems we all face.

A lot of artists like to speak about the hood but they never want to touch on the real issues that are prevalent in these neighbourhoods. Someone has to be a voice for the people and I intend to be one of those voices.

After staying quiet for most of 2015, I intend to make an impact with my musical releases this year. I am releasing a 4 track EP sometime in February and following that up with a full length project sometime in the summer.” –Kaydee