#MP3: Kanye West feat. T.I. – Ye vs. The People (@KanyeWest @TIP)

Kanye West - Ye vs. The People [Track Artwork]

Knowing that he’s already in trouble with the people for his alt-right views & comments, Kanye West decided to drop a new single in retaliation of said actions.

“Ye vs. The People” has Kanye & T.I. going back & forth about what they both feel is right & wrong in the name of politics & society as well as other things.

Kanye’s Notable Spits:

“I feel an obligation to show people new ideas / And if you wanna hear them, there go two right here / Make America Great Again had a negative reception / I took it, wore it, rocked it, gave it a new direction / Added empathy, care, love and affection / And y’all simply questioning my methods”

T.I.’s Notable Spits:

“What you willing to lose for the point to be proved? This shit is stubborn, selfish, bullheaded, even for you / You wore a dusty ass hat to represent the same views as white supremacy / Man, we expect better from you / Starting to make it seem like Donnie cut you a check”

With West ending the track with “Alright Tip, we could be rappin’ about this all day, man, why don’t we just cut the beat off and let the people talk?“, you can give the single a listen for yourself below…

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