MP3: Kadesh (@IAmKadesh) – Unlock This Cage [Prod. @FarzamSalami]

MP3: Kadesh (@IAmKadesh) - Unlock This Cage [Prod. @FarzamSalami]

Kadesh aka Desiree Jackson releases a new single, “Unlock This Cage“, from the album, ‘Love‘, which is hitting stores this Summer. The song is written by Farzam Salami & Desiree Jackson.

About Farzam Salami:

Farzam Salami, the Iranian native, has composed “Utopia Of Peace“, a song written for President Obama and the people of America in the hope of World Peace. The song made its way to the White House, earning Mr. Salami a personal letter from President Obama, commending him on the effort of achieving World Peace.

This is the first time that an American & an Iranian are coming together to collaborate in the world of music. Farzam plays more than 30 instruments professionally and has performed worldwide.

Producing “Unlock This Cage”, Farzam has taken the voice of Kadesh to a new genre of music. Farzam just fully produced the new project by Kadesh, called ‘Love‘, which is being released this Summer.

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