MP3: Just FLoW (@JustFLoWing) - Maturity
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MP3: Just FLoW (@JustFLoWing) – Maturity

Anticipating the Fall release of his new project ‘#GRoW‘, Nigerian-born, Queens-raised rapper Just FLoW gives us a preview of what he’s been working on. “Maturity” opens up with a smooth sample from Barry White’sOh What A Night Of Dancing” as producer MaVnificent infuses the beat with classic Hip Hop sounds that compliment Just FLoW’s, well… flow.

About Just FLoW:

My rhymes are sick, call it inFLoWenza.” As corny as he’d admit it to be, Oladipo Akinintomide derived his artist name, FLoW, from this line he wrote when he was just 16 years old. While the name started off with variations such as inFLoW & Young FLoW, Oladipo finally sided with Just FLoW – because he just flows. During his high school graduation, a friend of his was chosen to sing the graduation song during the ceremony. After he finished, FLoW was called out by his friend who started beat boxing. With all eyes on him, FLoW just started “flowing“. To this day, he states, “I’ll never forget the feeling. The crowd loved me.

It was at that moment he decided to take his artistry seriously. “I”m aware of how difficult it is to break into this market & I know how fickle fans can be. But for me, I just want to find my niche, find the crowd that understands and loves my style of Hip Hop. And just flourish from there.” In a short period of time, FLoW began to record his own music, perform at showcases and various venues throughout the city. His confidence is backed by his talent. “I truly believe there aren’t too many people who can match me, lyrically.