MP3: Joyner Lucas (@RealJoynerLucas) » Dear America (Don’t Shoot)

MP3: Joyner Lucas (@RealJoynerLucas) » Dear America (Don't Shoot)

Using his gift for lyrics, Joyner Lucas took to the studio last week to unburden himself of the growing rage that we as Americans share as we witness events emanating from Mike Brown’s tragic murder. Unfortunately, there is little about these incidents that is new to anyone with eyes & Joyner uses that fact as the fuel for his onslaught. For all the ire expressed in this song, be grateful the only thing Joyner unleashes it on is this beat.

“I have been wanting to write a song about this subject for a long time as I have watched the continuing police brutality toward young black men in our country get worse and worse. The tragedy with Mike Brown in Ferguson was the last straw for me. My producer, Khepera sent me this beat and it immediately clicked in my head what this track was for. The power of this record stems from the feel that Khep brought to the beat. I’m glad to hear that a fan currently on the front lines in Ferguson protests was able to hear this track and relate to the emotion that I put into it. This is why I do what I do. These events are tragedies of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, and the list goes on, police need to be held accountable for their injustice.” –Joyner Lucas

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