MP3: Jep Roadie (@PeaceJepRoadie) - I Would Never Kill Myself

MP3: Jep Roadie (@PeaceJepRoadie) - I Would Never Kill Myself

"If I get pulled over on my way to work, know that I would never kill myself. When they call me a thug, and the news reporters come, know that I would never kill myself..I hold the door for strangers; why do they think I'm dangerous?"

Jep Roadie has always been an old soul from the old school; rather than litter the blogosphere with track after track that sounds like what everyone else is doing, the Cape Verdean emcee takes his time with it, and drops what Jay Z would refer to as some "thought provoking shit". His latest offering, "I Would Never Kill Myself", is more than thought provoking; it's a testament to the world to question the official version of events handed down, should he ever get "caught up" for being a young Black male in the wrong place at the wrong time.

True to his usual modus operandi, the multi-talented musician gave this joint his usual treatment, handling not only the bars, but the production as well. This is perhaps one of his hardest hitting releases yet, touching on the death of Sandra Bland, who police say killed herself, but is widely believed to have been yet another victim of police brutality and systemic racism.

Says Jep, "I just wanted to touch on the Sandra Bland case. It could happen to me at any time."

The track opens with a clip of Sandra speaking, offset by the melancholic keys of a piano, and for the first few minutes, is a mournful blend of beautifully arranged harmonies consisting of a lonesome sounding guitar riff, a choir, and other instruments, working together to bring Jep's vision--and Sandra's memory--to life. At 4:28, however, things change drastically.

You can give this track a listen for yourself below...