MP3: #JayZ (@S_C_) - Dirt Off Your Shoulder (@HannahV Remix)

MP3: #JayZ (@S_C_) - Dirt Off Your Shoulder (@HannahV Remix) 2

Hannah V is hitting out the fire at super speed as she drops the third in her series of remixes premiering fortnightly on her Tuesday night Periscope sessions & subsequently uploaded to SoundCloud for our listening pleasure!!!

Having already mixed it up on Rihanna’s "BBHMM" & Kendrick Lamar’s "Swimming Pools", Hannah V takes on the main man himself as she puts some seriously unexpected twists on the classic Hip-Hop track.

With a sweet disposition & a pretty face staring at you from her SoundCloud profile, the soft opening with the tinkling keys would have you smiling gently as you start taking in the pleasantries, but don’t be fooled, BANG comes in a filthy b-line as Hannah V drops this weapon of a remix on us.

Hannah V In 2015 [Press Photo]

“With this remix, I just wanted to EFF ISH up, you get me?? I don’t want to get too deep here, but as human beings we all have so many different sides, right? And we all have that breaking point - that moment where you say: F**K THIS. That’s what this remix is about for me - that pure, raw aggression in the b-line and beat contrasted by the beauty of the piano. And obvs, the underlying not-too-subtle message of: "Ladies is pimps too” 😉 We sure is, ladies, we sure is.”

You can cop Hannah V's 'Version 2.0' EP on iTunes!!!