MP3: Jaeo Draftpick – Blessings (@JaeoDraftpick)

MP3: Jaeo Draftpick - Blessings (@JaeoDraftpick)

Long Island rapper Jaeo Draftpick is back once again with his new single, "Blessings".

With Jaeo's last release "Same Gang" hitting the 100K mark on Spotify, his raw lyricism and New York flows seem to be connecting with a wide audience of Hip Hop heads.

On "Blessings", Jaeo maintains his street mentality while reflecting on where he is at and where he has come from.

Not one to take things for granted, Jaeo touches on all of the blessings that he is grateful enough to receive; from his threads, to his lady, to his freedom.

Every new day is a breath of fresh air and Jaeo Draftpick knows just how to breathe it in.

About the release, Jaeo says:

"Life could always be worse, but I'm alive and breathing. I appreciate all the lessons in life. Counting my blessings because tomorrow's never promised."