MP3: J. Littles (@Jay_Littles) Puts His Spin On The Jay-Z Classic 'A Million' 1
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MP3: J. Littles (@Jay_Littles) Puts His Spin On The Jay-Z Classic ‘A Million’

Nineties Hip Hop is what J. Littles lives by. While his music is undeniably influenced by the Golden Era, the New Jersey native tells modern tales of struggle in the inner cities – especially in the Latino community. To start off the new year, J. Littles revives a classic for his latest freemix/remake.

“I was just aiming to revive a sound that once defined Hip Hop. I’m taking it back to its roots.”

J. Littles - What If DJ Premier... [Mixtape Tracklisting]
J. Littles – What If DJ Premier… [Mixtape Tracklisting]
About J. Littles:
As a Hudson County, New Jersey native, J. Littles is taking the “6th borough” by storm. His storytelling and refreshingly classic music are influenced by the 90’s and its Hip Hop legends – such as Tupac & Big Pun. J. Littles has gained a reputation for being the artist who paints the picture of struggle in inner cities and the voice of the Latino community.

You can also stream & download his mixtape ‘What If DJ Premier…‘ via!!!