MP3: Ike Ellis (@IkeEllisWill) » Black Nation (Justice For Trayvon)

MP3: Ike Ellis (@IkeEllisWill) » Black Nation (Justice For Trayvon)

From the upcoming album ‘C.O.R.N.B.R.E.A.D.‘, This song has been recorded but it’s so relevant to our circumstances right now. I hope you listen to every word, indulge in the concept of that “Black Nation” talk. It’s more than music to me, if I have to use a song to communicate with my nation.

We have to recognize our circumstances, realize our deficits as a people. This particular situation happen everyday, every corner, every radio station, every school, every courtroom, every bank, every time we subject ourself to the limitation of ignorance. Tomorrow a man will get denied a loan, the day after that the artist will be denied a spin on the radio, and so on.

The destiny of defeat is among us without the proper preparation for the war. A war between us and whoever is against us. No time for excuses for they only prohibit our progress. I’m not much for words when thier is something really on my mind. So I’m going to leave you with this; the outcome of that case was already written years ago. I call it justice on their terms.

Thier rules are simple, constantly keep them separated and they will lose forever. Man versus his woman, old versus young, light versus dark etc….. I urge you to educate yourself and your children of the atrocities of our circumstances. The chains still working, just on our minds instead of our body. The ropes are still present….we strange fruit in the courtroom…….. –Ike Ellis

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