MP3: Homeboy Sandman – Come Thru

MP3: Homeboy Sandman - Come Thru

Homeboy Sandman releases new single, “Come Thru”, produced by Hugo LX.

Homeboy Sandman releases his latest single “Come Thru” via Dirty Looks. Teaming up with DJ/producer Hugo LX for the first time since his highly-revered title “Life Support”, the two artists reunite to create the same magic that has left fans hungry for a new collaboration. Listen to “Come Thru” below…

Aptly titled, “Come Thru” is an invitation into the origins of Angel Del Villar II a.k.a. Homeboy Sandman. He states, “The title ‘Come Thru’ signifies me making an invitation to the listener to visit my life, and my mind, and my past. Where I’ve lived, where I’ve been, what I’ve done. Mostly the time that I think of as my childhood.” Boy Sand reflects on the nuances of his old neighborhood and the abundance of love reigning supreme over the scarcity of material resources. The artwork, created by Natalie Del Villar, perfectly captures the sentiment presented in the song.

Behind the boards on “Come Thru” is Hugo LX, who brings a soulful downtempo sound to the introspective record. The production is very light, and is driven in large part by small, but powerful, changes throughout the song, Minor additions and subtractions. All the while, certain magic notes that hold within them large amounts of energy and emotion, remain constant. The nostalgic beat superbly allows for Homeboy Sandman’s lyrics to take center stage and paint a picture of his come-up in ways never before covered in his vast catalog. He explains,

I’ve made nostalgic songs before but God blessed me with the ability to touch on a lot here that I’ve never covered before. It was like being a painter but somehow being able to paint with capabilities I didn’t previously have.”

“Come Thru” follows “Queens Blvd Pt. 2” as the second release on Homeboy Sandman’s new imprint, Dirty Looks. Buy/stream it below, and stay tuned for more music to come on Dirty Looks.



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