MP3: Freeway (@PhillyFreezer) - First Things First

MP3: Freeway (@PhillyFreezer) - Hot As Ice

You are now listening to "First Things First" (produced by frequent collaborator Girl Talk) by Freeway from the album, 'Free Will' (which you can pre-order now on iTunes), in stores worldwide on April 29th via Babygrande Records.

Freeway, the storied MC who was instrumental in the success of State Property and Roc-A-Fella Records, is a North Philly luminary and arguably the most revered lyricist to emerge from the City of Brotherly Love. Freeway has made indelible moves in Hip-hop with his sage and street-certified verses that resonate across the board. It’s his versatility and relatable appeal that has made Freeway one of the most sought after artists for collaborations across all niches from Kanye West and Rick Ross to Girl Talk, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Just Blaze, and more. In addition to his onslaught of hard-hitting new material, fans can flip on their radio and hear Freeway’s classic hits such as “What We Do” with Jay-Z and “Roc Da Mic” with Beanie Sigel.

Freeway is currently teaming up with Babygrande Records to add to his legacy with the release of his new album 'Free Will', the follow-up to his 2012 independent release 'Diamond In The Ruff', and his critically acclaimed 2014 collaboration with world-recognized producer/DJ Girl Talk, 'Broken Ankles'. Rejuvenated and determined, Freeway joins an ensemble of A-list producers to demonstrate that for this Hip-Hop giant, making an extraordinary album takes nothing more than 'Free Will'.

Freeway talks about the new single & says:

"The essence of the full album is simply 'Free Will'. As human beings, we’re God's only creation and we have a choice to do right or wrong, with those choices, they affect your life and your afterlife. I touch base on many of the choices I made in my life and reveal how those choices affected me.”

In 2015, Freeway was diagnosed with Kidney Disease. Since then, his life has taken an abrupt change. He received the “National Kidney Foundation Award for Patient Advocacy” in March 2016 and Freeway currently works hard every day to maintain better health through specialized wellness products and diet & exercise.

He says:

“It’s been a huge lifestyle change and in the beginning it was affecting me. But I chose to stand in front of it and spread awareness about kidney disease. I'm doing much better, all my numbers are good and I'm on the transplant list awaiting a new kidney. My family is my main motivation to keep pushing; I can't let them see anything defeat me.”

Chronic kidney disease affects one in ten people worldwide. Freeway's goals are to raise awareness in regard to the importance of kidneys and how they affect overall health.

Freeway adds:

“In the next five years I hope to raise awareness in the inner cities & urban neighborhoods where people are most affected most by kidney failure. I'm currently working with The National Kidney Foundation, World Kidney Day, and the American Kidney Fund."

WKD (World Kidney Day) is a global awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of our kidneys. World Kidney Day is celebrated every year. All across the globe many hundred events take place from public screenings in Argentina to Zumba marathons in Malaysia. We do it all to create awareness: Awareness through preventive behavior; awareness about risk factors and awareness about how to live with kidney disease. We do this because we want kidney health for all.

'Free Will' is set for release on April 29, 2016 by the independent pioneer label, Babygrande Records, which is currently celebrating its 15th Anniversary. 'Free Will' was produced by S Frank & Scholito with production by LES, Money Alwayz, Girl Talk, & Tryfe.