MP3: Fabian Secon – 9 Deep Breaths

MP3: Fabian Secon - 9 Deep Breaths

Fabian Secon returns with heartfelt new single “9 Deep Breaths”.

UK artist Fabian Secon has unveiled his impressive new single, “9 Deep Breaths”. Written and produced by Fabian, the track encapsulates his lo-fi, genre-spanning sound and introspective lyricism.

MP3: Fabian Secon - 9 Deep Breaths

Anxiety’s the villain to my brain / Looks to kill me anytime of day / My guilty thoughts rain on my parade / And 9 deep breaths to get me through the day / Been the same since I was 19”, he sings. But there’s also a sense of determination and hopefulness in the lyrics too. “But I’m strong as an ox or tiger teeth / No I won’t let this defeat me / Screaming out, how hard can it be? / Facing myself the enemy”, we can hear in the second verse.

MP3: Fabian Secon - 9 Deep Breaths

Fabian has built up an impressive fanbase organically over the last couple of years, with over 30 million streams globally across all platforms – a huge feat as an independent DIY artist.

“9 Deep Breaths” looks set to be another hit to add to Fabian’s growing collection.

Fabian Secon’s “9 Deep Breaths” single is available to stream and cop now on all major digital platforms!!!

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