MP3: @Ed_E_Ruger feat. @GuiltySimpson & @GamerGad – Crack In The Pavement

Ed E. Ruger - Crack In The Pavement [Track Artwork]

Crack In The Pavement” is an anthem for all the underdogs out there who have thrown middle-fingers at the opposition and stayed on their grind. It’s also the latest single from Ed. E Ruger, who’s joined by fellow Greensboro emcee GamerGad, and Detroit bully rapper Guilty Simpson, with DJ Phillie Phresh manning the turntables.

Guilty’s gruff signature vocals sets off the track with bars directed at his naysayers, who “told me my life should be void”. They’re eating their words now, though, because he’s touring & smoking that good overseas. That sentiment carries on throughout the track, whether it’s Ruger spitting on the hook, “I’m from the sewer, but I knew I was destined for greatness”, or GamerGad looking back at everyone who tried to pull him down amidst slick references to Super Mario & Red Dead Redemption.

Ruger sums it up best, though, barging through Jon Jackson’s brooding instrumental and delivering lines like: “On my own terms I made it, navigated through the circus / Never listen to these clowns, when they doubt I was determined / Writing verses that’ll make you question life like a sermon”. They’re self-assured rhymes, but they’re also well deserved given that his music has been heard on “The Boondocks“, “Breaking Bad“, “ROH Wrestling“, & other notable programs.

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Crack In The Pavement” is now available for stream above in promotion for ‘Guerrilla Grind Pt. 2‘, which is due out today, 8.6.2016, exclusively through Bandcamp. This evening, Ruger will take the stage at Arizona Pete’s in Greensboro, NC. for his album release party. Exactly one month later, the project is set to resurface through all major digital retailers & streaming platforms.