MP3: E. Smitty (@TheRealESmitty) feat. @ChinoXL - I Can't Breathe
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MP3: E. Smitty (@TheRealESmitty) feat. @ChinoXL – I Can’t Breathe

Living in uncertain times, political unrest, & humanity on the brink of revolution, E. Smitty & Chino XL bring you this in depth look into the eyes of the beast. The grimy, gritty soundtrack, provided by producer E. Smitty, helps Chino XL paint a vivid image of the stark conditions the world & humanity face today.

Swimming in the wicked currents in the midst of the sea, I can’t be seen like hospital patients without insurance” – With each abstract line, Chino leaves you grasping for breathe & begging for more. This is the 1st single off of E. Smitty’s upcoming project ‘Hip Hop Time Capsule‘ with the full intention to help bridge the gap between both old & new generations of Hip-Hop.

The project features an all star cast of Hip-Hop notables & a fresh wave of promising youth with the sole purpose to build & unite the culture & prove that Hip-Hop has no age, no shape, & no color. Expect a diverse melting pot of production & sounds that both the venerable and the contemporary can relate to.