DNGR EYELND - A Lovely Room of DEATH [Album Artwork]

How do you put a finger on something that would bite your hand off before you could put a finger on it??? Welcome to DNGR EYELND, pronounced /ˈdaNGər ˈīlənd/, a nowhere based Hip Hop group comprised of Midwest emcee LoKi doPe and multi-coastal turntablist/producer Bombeardo. Unapologetic Nerdcore Boom Bap Schizophrenia at its finest.

For the third single off their upcoming album (dropping this Friday), DNGR EYELND release "The We"; politically charged lyrics by LoKi doPe over a smooth piano loop from Bombeardo.

'A Lovely Room of DEATH' will be released on digital and compact disc February 23rd...Pre-order your copy now!!!