MP3: DJ @BostonChery – Lucid

MP3: DJ @BostonChery - Lucid 2

Boston's own DJ Boston Chery comes with a killer new mix, "Lucid". Blending soul, chillwave, & all around good feels, this mix is perfect for the backyard shenanigans & the rooftop at the end of summer!!!

DJ Boston Chery In August 2015 [Press Photo]

DJ Boston Chery said this about her "Lucid" mix:

"The title of the mix is short for Lucid Dream which means to dream and be aware. The feel of this mix has a lot of remixed throwbacks so it brings you a sense of the past with a twist of current 2015. A lot of these songs come from our youth when my friends and I had the dream, and in 2015 i can say a lot of my friends are currently dreaming with their eyes open. We are all living a lucid dream, we are in control, we are aware of whats next. We are next."