MP3: Deli Rowe – Midnight

MP3: Deli Rowe - Midnight

Deli Rowe
Official Audio Track

Baby you’ve had all day to call
Taking your time thinking that I’ll wait around
Hidden in the shadows
Appearing only after dark
Praying that I’d be patient and forgive you
The more you delay
My interest you lose
(Tell me whatcha gon’ do?)
My heart or your pride, boy
You’ve got to choose
(Tell me Whatcha gon’ do?)
Cause when tomorrow’s here, they’ll be no tears, no love to give
So Baby I hope you recognize what you’re gonna jeopardize

Don’t you wait till midnight
To make it right
Cuz if you take all night
You’re in for a surprise
I may be gone after (midnight)
Don’t you wait till midnight
To love me right
Boy don’t you take too long
Cuz If you wait around
You’ll be out on your own

Written, Produced, & Recorded by Deli Rowe for Liberated Soul Music Group, LLC (@delirowe)
Copyright 2019

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