MP3: David Twist - Ruler [Prod. By MF Doom]

MP3: David Twist - Ruler [Prod. By MF Doom]

David Twist, the 15 year-old independent American rapper and record producer from San Diego, California, is back with a new single produced by the infamous emcee and producer, MF DOOM, titled "Ruler"!!!

David Twist proves his lyrical ability and through his use of countless metaphors and other insane wordplay throughout the track.

Not only is he a great emcee, the 15 year-old mixed and mastered the entire track in his own home studio!!!

In other tracks, such as "SCELESTIC" and "The Message, Pt. 2", he has directed and edited the music videos himself, too!!!

David Twist is a very independent and dedicated music artist. As an independent artist without management, PR, or any record deals, he would very much appreciate recognition for the hard work he puts in to creating these tracks filled with soul and pure lyrical ability and musical talent.