MP3: Danny Blaze (@YaBoyDannyBlaze @WeAreTheKoolest) - Ease The Pain

MP3: Danny Blaze (@YaBoyDannyBlaze @WeAreTheKoolest) - Ease The Pain 1

Durham, North Carolina rapper Danny Blaze (of The Koolest), offers his newest track “Ease The Pain”, a candid dark account of his life.

Danny Blaze raps:

“I wanna write these rhymes/Tired of wiping off her tears, telling my momma we'll be fine/Tired of acting strong but deep inside I'm bout to lose my mind/Man, I see why niggas geeked up on that hard shit, doing lines."

Producers Cracka Lack & The Chemist essentially fuse the synergy by sampling Lisa Fischer’s classic "How Can I Ease The Pain", which issues an underlining message that you can’t run from life or make temporary fixes.

Danny states:

“A lot of negative things are going on around me & I've been looking for a way out of it or a way to ease the pain. I pray that it somehow all works out.”

There’s no project in the works as of yet, but this loosie will demonstrate more of what is to come from the North Carolina rapper.

Danny Blaze (Of The Koolest) In August 2015 [Press Photo]About Danny Blaze:
North Carolina rapper Danny Blaze (of The Koolest), continues to create a freshly unique fusion of Hip-Hop & R&B. Looking for a way out of a gang-affiliated lifestyle that almost cost him his life several times, Danny found the perfect haven to express his calling. Bringing his Southern energy, incorporating flare from his favorite West Coast & Midwest artists has allowed him to open up for acts such as Big KRIT, A$AP Ferg, Juicy J, & more.

Upcoming Shows:

  • 9.19.2015 @ Local 506 (Carrboro, NC)
  • 9.25.2015 @ Southland Ballroom (Raleigh, NC)

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