MP3: #Czarface (@InspectahDeckWu @DJ_7L @MCEsoteric) - Deviatin Septums

MP3: #Czarface (@InspectahDeckWu @DJ_7L @MCEsoteric) feat. @MFDoom - Ka-Bang!

The iTunes-only track from Czarface’s 'Every Hero Needs A Villain' is now pressed on a PictureDisc 10’ vinyl record along with the MF Doom-assisted “Ka-Bang”, a Suckface SwineKa-Bang” remix plus all three instrumentals. The 10” inch is available for purchase now & in participating Record Store DayVinyl Tuesdays” stores on 8.25.2015!!!

You can cop Czarface’sDeviatin Septums (Hawk & Animal)” on!!!