MP3: Cool Plan B (@StreetsConnect) & @ElliottNiezel – The Daily Grind

MP3: Cool Plan B (@StreetsConnect) & @ElliottNiezel - The Daily Grind

Appropriate for a Monday, Cool Plan B & Elliott Niezel present “The Daily Grind” single from their upcoming joint EP of the same name. The soon-to-be released project is entirely produced by West Coast producer Cool Plan B with Hip Hop ambassador Elliott Niezel handling the vocals.

A true workers anthem, “The Daily Grind” is a track for everyone out there getting it:

“Twist the dial or the knob, get the grind going. Wake up morning, got the coffee brewing. Pots hot like my buzz, got the city stewing, keep your grind moving 24/7″

Elliott Niezel speaks on the second single:

“The daily grind is different for each person, this record should give you a closer word for word look on what my personal daily grind consists of.”

“Wake up get up off you butt & grind hard til you fall over. Then do it all over again.”

Make sure & stay connected with both CPB & Elliott Niezel for the latest news on ‘The Daily Grind‘ project!!!