MP3: Cliz (@ItsClizzy) - Class Is In Session [Prod. @MaranPrd]

Cliz - Class Is In Session [Track Artwork]

Before you tune in to one of the most controversial songs Cliz has written to date, he wants to clarify that he believes in education wholeheartedly. Does our educational system need work??? Yes…but that’s not the point. He believes that we all need to be exposed to every spectrum that falls under the educational umbrella. But he also believes that our purpose on Earth cannot always be taught in a classroom or lecture hall. Cliz’s purpose is to tell stories. Stories through the lens of experience, hardships, but most importantly, commitment.

Cliz’s new single, “Class Is In Session”, tells the story of his leap of faith. One that required him to make a difficult choice. Was he supposed to pursue what he has been specifically put on this Earth to accomplish??? Or does he establish a “Plan B” and enroll in a 4-year degree program just to attempt to make others happy, but ultimately, not himself??? These are questions that some of us will face and Cliz explores in his latest release. Will you make the right one??? #MayNothingStopYou...“Class Is In Session” is also available via iTunes | Google Play!!!

About Cliz:
Growing up, Cliz was never a big fan of Rap/Hip-Hop which he blames on the radio. He enjoyed listening to the greats like Eminem & Jay-Z but was always looking for more. All of that changed when he moved to Florida in 2006 and began to fall in love with Hip-Hop. One day, Cliz had an idea. That idea was to grab a guitar hero mic, plug it into audacity, & rap over a Lil Wayne instrumental. On that very day, Cliz was born. The first real song Cliz ever wrote was about his cousin, Ryan, who passed in July of 2006. After writing that song, he was positive that his purpose was to tell stories and paint vivid pictures through song & poetry. When you hear his music now, you hear his pain, struggle, & determination like never before.