MP3: 'Church In Session' By Phonetic feat. Madchild (@Madchild57) [Prod. Alkota]

MP3: 'Church In Session' By Phonetic feat. Madchild (@Madchild57) [Prod. Alkota]

Producer Alkota teamed up with Swollen Members frontman Madchild & Alaska's insanely talented Phonetic to release the first single from the album 'Crude Awakening' a supplement to the 3rd issue of Alaska's very own Crude Magazine. Think of Crude Magazine as the VICE of the North. The 3rd issue "Arrogant Minds" documents the grimy & often unknown Hip-Hop movement out of Alaska.

Alkota revisited his hometown roots & executive produced 'Crude Awakening', an obvious pun on the oil producing state, in order to showcase Alaskan artists that could hold their own against any industry artists... a truly rude awakening. The maxi-single "Church In Session" (containing Dirty, Clean, Instrumental, & Acapella versions) has Madchild & Phonetic exchanging introspective lyrics with a catchy hook over a classic Alkota beat.

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