MP3: Christyle (@ChristyleDvaDna) – Christyle Crystallized/Proud Lady

MP3: Christyle (@ChristyleDvaDna) - Christyle Crystallized/Proud Lady

Coming out of South Florida, The DigiSpot presents to you iLLustrious Music Group recording artist Christyle, who may very well be a misplaced gem in the struggling female rap industry.

When you press play, you’re met with mature, gritty, exceptionally passionate lyricism, & most times, sample-heavy tracks that fit perfectly into a period of Rap & Hip-Hop that existed long before the “turn up” era & genre that dominates music today.

She is also MeRCY’s younger sister, keeping music in the family. Today, she releases two noteworthy records “Proud Lady” (reppin’ women’s empowerment) & “Christyle Crystallized” (for your lyrical taste buds) which you can give a listen below…

Christyle Crystallized” [Produced by Canya Reial]:

Proud Lady” [Produced by WMS The Sultan]: