MP3: 'The Caged Bird' By Phenom (@PhenomenalRaps) [Prod. @TheGeniusOfKP]

MP3: 'The Caged Bird' By Phenom (@PhenomenalRaps) [Prod. @TheGeniusOfKP]

Phenom is an East New York (Brooklyn) native, currently located in Allentown, PA. The 20 year-old emcee developed his knack & talent for rapping at a fairly young age and has been perfecting his craft, still, this present day. In preparation for his forthcoming project release, Phenom's newest audio offering was inspired by the current social & racial issues that have occurred in the US, in this latter half of 2014.

From Ferguson to Brooklyn, "The Caged Bird" sings loudly in the ears of those who can relate to the injustices these recent events have magnified. Also inspired by the late poet Maya Angelou, who wrote an original poem & book with the same title. The basis of her "Caged Bird" writings illustrated the differences between African Americans & Caucasians during the civil rights era - sadly, a fitting tale in today's modern state in the US.

Produced by Kelly Portis, the production boasts heavy drum kicks & snares accompanied by vocal samples, adding a soulful element to the song. While the production knocks hard, the message knocks even harder. Phenom discusses stereotypes, racial injustices, & more on "The Caged Bird", accompanied by sultry vocal samples utilized by the producer.

In comparison to some of his other work, "The Caged Bird" is rather mellow and showcases Phenom's ability to be versatile in his subject matter & delivery.

"Just trying to change the world, one rhyme at a time." -Phenom