MP3: C.Shreve The Professor (@SeeShreve) x @Chachillie - Magnetism

MP3: C.Shreve The Professor (@SeeShreve) x @Chachillie - Magnetism

Magnetism” is the first collaboration between North Carolina emcees C.Shreve The Professor & Chachillie. The two Asheville representers take turns demolishing a stellar backdrop by Nod The Producer.

With live performances being such a key to both artists’ careers, a very distorted chorus from Shreve sums up their approach:

“Melt mics down, toss the crowd a keepsake

Sometimes just flex rhymes while we let the beat break

Microphone magnetism

I might go off the dome, I might just speak to visions”

Chachillie caps off his verse with some sad realities of the game:

“Unfortunately, I’m more likely to reach fortune street

Through forgery, demonic orgies, and sorcery

It’s why I wanna siege the fortress of this league or sorcerers

And break the spell, free us from these prehistoric evil forces”