MP3: C.Shreve The Professor (@SeeShreve) | @ShepBryan – Somnambulant/Mommy Love To Dance

C.Shreve The Professor - Somnambulant [Track Artwork]

Today, The DigiSpot brings to you a FTO doubleheader from C.Shreve The Professor & Shep Bryan.

One is from what has become the long lost ‘FTOLive’ album — which will come out in some form or another by the end of 2017 — and features longtime FTO member Shep Bryan along with C.Shreve The Professor. It goes by the name “Somnambulant” and is about as flagrant as we would expect from the Mind Ninjas on a Handbook beat.

“Kick back with the megalobraniac / Big head need a double plus size bucket hat / Treasure map, get booty fat like an almanac / I’m built like a lumberjack and bite like a diamondback” –Shep Bryan

C.Shreve The Professor - Mommy Love To Dance [Album Artwork]

The second track is the title track & first taste of C.Shreve’s next project ‘Mommy Love To Dance’. The production here is from Charlotte, NC artist FLLS and you can tell this one is geared for the live shows that FTO has become so well known for. The full ‘Mommy Love To Dance’ project will drop next month.

“Mind flew the coop out, y’all pigeon hole me but the stoop’s down / Got these basslines shootin hoops now / Fingers roll it up, whiskey in my soda cup / Pass Shreve the mic and you gon see em get PRO as fuck” –C.Shreve

FTO in full effect.