MP3: C.Shreve The Professor (@SeeShreve) - IDontEvenSleep [Prod. @IAmPATJunior]
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MP3: C.Shreve The Professor (@SeeShreve) – IDontEvenSleep [Prod. @IAmPATJunior]

IDontEvenSleep” is a song reflecting both the long nights required to make it as an artist, and the fact that even when you come in to your own you’ll still be slept on.

Notable Spits:

“I don’t even sleep, but all I do is dream / All I heard of life was that it wasn’t what it seem / And I seen the same, the illusions confusin the pain / Redirect our aim but we ain’t new to the game”

C.Shreve The Professor is an MC & the founder of North Carolina hip hop collective Free The Optimus…Follow him via!!!

P.A.T. Junior is a writer / recording artist / filmmaker / music producer from Raleigh, NC…You can connect with him via!!!