MP3: Bway Blue – Out The Blue (@Bway_Blue @TribecaWorld)

Bway Blue on May 12, 2018 [Press Photo]

They say the New York City lights only shine brightest when the stars are out on Broadway. Bway Blue does exactly the same on her new banger “Out The Blue”.

Blue–not new to the game–knows exactly how to set up bar after bar, punchline after punchline with lines like “pinky all rocky / call it Dwayne Johnson” to captivate the listener.

“Out The Blue”, produced by her Bronx brethren TRIBECA, will keep your head nodding from start to finish and yearning for a playback to catch a line you probably missed the first time listening.

There’s a star on Broadway and her name is Blue, Bway Blue that is!!! Stream the song below…

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