MP3: Bryan Ford feat. Killah Priest, Pugs Atomz, & Awdazcate - For The Future Of Hip-Hop
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MP3: Bryan Ford feat. Killah Priest, Pugs Atomz, & Awdazcate – For The Future Of Hip-Hop

For The Future Of Hip-Hop” is the scorching hot title track & first single from the upcoming full-length album that’s written & produced by multi-instrumentalist producer Bryan Ford along with Hip-Hop collaborators Killah Priest (of Wu-Tang Clan fame), Pugs Atomz, & Awdazcate.

Killah Priest lays down the first verse in classic KP style, alluding to his other-worldly origins and calling out Hip-Hop’s connection to the Wu-Tang Clan. He also drops the hook, “For the future of Hip-Hop, respect due”. During the breakdown, Awdazcate, a Chicago Hip-Hop luminary, repeats a Chicago mantra, “Cold in the city, hot in the blocks”, before Pugs Atomz bursts onto the second verse, picking up where KP left off, referencing space/time travel & radioactive flows. The underlying music by Bryan Ford is bold, edgy, & future-forward, drawing comparisons to the production styles of RJD2 & El-P (of Run The Jewels).

Bryan Ford is a multi-genre virtuoso on guitar, bass, keys, & drums who is a long time fan of underground Hip-Hop whose productions have been charted by Billboard & licensed by Universal Music. He has released a number of critically acclaimed Hip-Hop influenced instrumental EPs & singles. Unlike many of his peers, he plays each part of his music rather than relying solely on samples. His music prowess attracted Hip-Hop veteran Killah Priest to this project, as well as Chicago’s Pugs Atomz, who gained underground fame from his forward-thinking collaborations with Ninja Tune’s DJ Vadim.

In one quote from Bryan Ford, “For The Future Of Hip-Hop” can be summed up as “future-leaning musicality meets true Hip-Hop lyricism”.