MP3: @BraddMarquis (feat. @TessHenley) » Break Up
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MP3: @BraddMarquis (feat. @TessHenley) » Break Up

We’ve all been there, the in-between; that undesirable space betwixt love & heartache, when your heartstrings pull you both towards the love you know & the away from the pain it’s caused.

Soul singer Bradd Marquis’ latest single “Break Up”, featuring Tess Henley, speaks from the emotions stirred by that void & paints a picture of a relationship in distress.

Songs always tell of the break up or the aftermath, but rarely do we hear about those who make up & stay together. Bradd Marquis has launched a campaign to promote the experiences of those couples who’ve decided their love was worth saving, worked through the issues & allowed their love to find a way.

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You can go to for details about “The Make Up Campaign”!!!